Posting on social media – Avoid 5 common mistakes

In this digital age, social media is one of the strongest marketing channels. But few of your mistakes might be lowering your engagement and traffic without you even realizing it. For marketing, just being active on social media isn’t enough, there is a lot you need to do if you want to achieve success.

Following are the few mistakes you need to avoid in order to create a social media content that performs extremely well.

Using stock images:

As one of the marketing strategy, you want customers to become interested in your brand through social media. Putting stock images on your platform, you can make your content feel too promotional which will shun away most of the customers. These images will make your platform look like an instruction manual. Therefore, capture images of your product through your smartphone’s camera and use the photo editing tools to make them seem captivating.

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Too many hash tags:

Sometimes people go overboard with hash tags for their content discover. Use of a lot of has tags can make your post look like a spam and can annoy customers. The basic purpose of social media marketing is to build awareness about your brand, create fans of your brand, and then eventually move on to sales and revenues. It can act as a customer repellent if you fill every post with hash tags. For your brand’s promotion, use hash tags intelligently.

Voicing personal opinions:

Anything posted on social media should never involve religion or politics, people belonging from all religions and beliefs read the posts. So, while posting on social media you have to be respectful of people’s feelings and their beliefs. Posting anything targeting a specific religion or race can cause major problems.

Grammatical mistakes:

Content with grammatical errors does not give a good impression to the customers. Grammatical errors are a much larger problem then you might think it is. Use the simple trick and always use a spell check for making sure you don’t make the mistakes.

Irrelevant content:

Only the content that is directly related to your business should be broadcasted through your platform. There is no need to broadcast any major world news as people will get to proper sources in order to read about the issue. Your platform should be relevant to the news that is linked to your brand.

Via: Entrepreneur

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