Popular Tech Jobs in 2017

The nature of the job market is greatly changing due to influx of technology. It is migrating away from the traditional workers to part-time specialists. Becoming an expert in more than one field is becoming increasingly valuable. Today’s tech job market is providing horizontal opportunities along with opportunities for advancements.

Different kinds of jobs remain popular this year based on salary and type of work. Some of these jobs are growing rapidly and are projected to keep growing in the coming year. Here is a list of six most popular, best paying jobs of 2016 which are going to stay in-demand for many years to come.

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1. Web Developer:

Growing By: 27%

Average Earning in 2016: $64,970

The constantly evolving web development industry is a good sign for developers who are working for clients as well as their own projects. In this age of e-commerce dominance, web developers need to redefine their skill set with every evolutionary phase as these jobs are expected to grow by 27% till 2024.

2. Computer System Analyst:

Growing By: 21%

Average Earning inn 2016: $85,800

It is a promising job that provides a perfect blend of skills and expertise along with a good earning potential. In this digital age, there are no chances of its fading. It is expected to grow 21% by 2024.

3. Information Security Analyst:

Growing By: 18%

Average Income in 2016:  $90,120

With recent stories of hacking and security breaches, security analysts are becoming increasingly important for maintain the dignity of networks and data. Companies and organizations are requiring information security analysts more than ever before and the scope for this job is expected to rise 18% through 2024.

4. Software Engineer:

Growing By: 17%

Average Income in 2016: $100,690

Software engineers’ job has a positive outlook in the coming years. Due to increasing use of computer software in industries including mobile technology and health care system, the demand for software engineers is expected to increase by 17% up till 2014.

5. Data Scientist:

Growing By: 16%

Average Income in 2016: $128,240

The demand for qualified data scientist is rising and they are becoming the new super heroes in the tech industry. The demand for data scientists is expected to grow by 16% through 2014.

6. Network and Computer System Administrator;

Growing By: 8%

Average Income in 2016:  $77,810

The demand for this skills is never expected to vanish despite companies and organizations are moving towards the trend of cloud computing. But this is an important skill and will always have a scope in the market one way or another. Up till 2024, the demand for network and computer system administrator is expected to grow by 8%.

Via: Business Insider



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