Take care of your sleep if you do not want to die early

A proper night’s sleep is very important. It is a vital yet neglected component of our daily routine. Sleep helps the body repair and charge us for another day at work. It is very important to get adequate sleep because it prevents weight gain, protects from heart disease, and improves immunity to illness. Science says you are smarter if you sleep late.

Ignored by most of us but let’s take a look at some facts about sleep deprivation and how it can affect our life.

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Poor Sleep Makes You Fat:

Yes, if you do not have regular sleep hours and a fixed pattern, you are bound to gain weight at some point. According to research, people with poor, short sleep duration gain weight more than those who get proper sleep. This essentially means sleeping peacefully all through the night.

Good Sleep Linked To Eat Fewer Calories:

According to PubMed central research, poor sleep disrupts the fluctuations in appetite hormones and causes poor appetite regulation.

Good Sleep Increases Productivity:

Proper, regular sleep increases your productivity and increases concentration at work.

Good Sleep Maximizes Athletic Performance:

This is proven by a simple fact. Before your workout in the evening, if you get 30 minutes quick nap after lunch in the afternoon, you tend to perform better in achieving your sports target. According to another research, longer sleeps is attributed to better performance in sports.

Poor Sleep Leads To a Greater Risk of Heart Disease:

Now, this is the most worrying part. If your sleep is poor and you do not have a regular sleep pattern every night, poor sleep leads to a higher risk of stroke and heart disease.

A review of 15 studies found that people who don’t have a good sleep routine get at higher risk of heart disease and stroke than those who sleep at least 7 hours per night.

Poor Sleep Is Linked to Depression:

Sadly this is true. Poor sleep is directly linked to mental illness too. It causes anxiety, poor decisions, and depression. According to a study, poor sleep is not only linked to severe depression but also suicidal thoughts too.

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