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After the launch of 500px in 2009, it has now become a community consisting of 8 million members. Along with hosting shutterbugs portfolios, it helps its users to license photos to clients for many of the profitable purposes.

In order to update the skills of professional photographers so that they can come up with a steady income in a short period, this international community has started a free cost iOS app, named as RAW. This app allows the users to capture photos and upload them to 500px. It also helps to complete with a commercial license and model releases.

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The company is also benefitting the photographers to earn up to 60% commission for their image sales. It requires a lot of effort to prepare photos for commercial purpose therefore it is being paid accordingly.

The app RAW includes a a camera interface with a grid, flash, manual focus along with a facility of exposure control which photographers can easily adjust with the help of on-screen sliders.

Various processing tools such as highlights, sharpening, shadows, contrast, controls to fix the exposure, and many more are available with this app. The global community members have also provided a collection of filters which open up the option to create and reuse for other purposes.

The app RAW, is expected to be of a great advantage for photographers who want to find innovative methods to increase their workflow. For them uploading a commercially licensable photo is much easier as compared to finding clients to submit their work, get viewed and then get paid.

The process starts with submitting an image on the RAW marketplace for commercial use. By filling out a form you can create a model release, the model can sign their name on your phone and can get a license in no time.

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According to the CEO of 500px Andy Yang,

“We quietly rolled out our global photography on-demand service a year ago to preferred clients and the uptake has been unbelievable. RAW is the first of a number of products rolling out in the coming months to support this service. It is a new way for photographers to secure paid work for doing what they love”.

RAW notifies photographers on receiving a request for a commissioned shoot. This will help them to accept the assignments, get them done and get paid accordingly.

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