Nutright – The preventative health care startup

Nutright is a preventative health care startup by Pakistan’s self-taught tech entrepreneur Umer Majeed. It is the first mobile based application that helps Pakistanis deal with weight loss. The fitness regimen, recipes and tips are provided by the top Pakistani fitness trainers and nutritionists.

Nutright has become the first online guide to right nutrition, workout and fitness coaching that helps overweight individuals to lose weight fast. Since Pakistan is the 9th most obese country in the world so, nutright has taken the initiative to tackle this rising figure by providing effective health tips in its official blog.

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To date nutright has affected 1563 lives in total helping individuals pave their way towards a healthier, risk free and safe lifestyle. Sedentary lifestyle has surely become a major problem because of the 9-5 jobs and rising technology use.

But the online presence of this healthcare startup provides its audience with the current genuine statistics that can help individuals decide better on the course of their health.

The procedure to getting Nutrights custom programs is very simple. The Android App first of all asks for your personal details to calculate your BMI. Luckily this feature of the Nutright app is free and is available for all the downloaders of the app. Moreover there is no app purchase fee.

Secondly the app analysis the personal details and performs a weight analysis. This leads to the generation of workout and diet plans. This way you are ready to get set and go on your journey to shed off those extra pounds that will hinder in your path to a healthier lifestyle.

The nutright team includes the marketing expert and CEO Umer Majeed, Mehk Fatima the food scientist along with Umar Asad the fitness training expert and Guru. Together they make nutright.
So are you ready to lose weight. Then don’t delay and check out right away. Nutright is also social so get in touch with the team via there facebook page:

This startup is submitted by Annosha Durrani

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