Now Facebook Verification process will be lot faster

TechCrunch has been confirmed by the Facebook that is has acquired Confirm is a startup that provides an API to let other companies quickly scan and verify someone’s government-issued documents and identification card.

The startup will shutdown as its team and technical base as it is now acquired by Facebook.

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The startup writes, “When we launched Confirm, our mission was to become the market’s trusted identity origination platform for which other multifactor verification services can build upon. Now, we’re ready to take the next step on our journey with Facebook. However, in the meantime this means all of our current digital ID authentication software offerings will be wound down.”

How Confirm Will Assist Facebook?:

Facebook intends to use the Confirm’s technology to let people confirm their identities if they are locked out of their Facebook accounts after being hacked or forget their passwords. Also the facility will be used to verify a Facebook account which currently is done by providing scanned ID card, Govt issued documents to the Facebook and takes sometimes a month to get an answer from the company. This technology could also be used by Facebook to ensure that no fake profiles are created in the future.

Instant verification will now be a step away.

Image and Post Via Tech Crunch

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