Nokia Phone Saved A Man’s Life By Stopping A Bullet

While the world’s top brands are exploding everywhere here comes a classic Nokia Lumia phone which acted as a bullet proof vest and saved an Afghani man’s life by stopping a Bullet.

Peter Skillman from Redmond, WA is a Microsoft employee that worked on the phone few years ago. He tweeted the pictures of the phone showing front and back. The back has bullet stuck in it, saving a life of a man in Afghanistan.

One wonders when Nokia will reveal their manufacturing secrets about “why their phones are so rock solid”. Pun intended, remember the shock, bullet, bomb, missile proof Nokia 3310?

I had that model for 1 year, I fell from stairs breaking my glasses, my laptop but hail the legend 3310, it did not even show a single scratch.

News Credit: The Next Web


Written by Hisham Sarwar

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