Nokia Phone Saved A Man’s Life By Stopping A Bullet

While the world’s top brands are exploding everywhere here comes a classic Nokia Lumia phone which acted as a bullet proof vest and saved an Afghani man’s life by stopping a Bullet.

Peter Skillman from Redmond, WA is a Microsoft employee that worked on the phone few years ago. He tweeted the pictures of the phone showing front and back. The back has bullet stuck in it, saving a life of a man in Afghanistan.

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One wonders when Nokia will reveal their manufacturing secrets about “why their phones are so rock solid”. Pun intended, remember the shock, bullet, bomb, missile proof Nokia 3310?

I had that model for 1 year, I fell from stairs breaking my glasses, my laptop but hail the legend 3310, it did not even show a single scratch.

News Credit: The Next Web


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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