New Lens introduced by Google for recognizing objects

Google seems to be doubling down on machine learning. The new feature is not available yet Google has announced that the company is working on a new form of AI called Google Lens. This is the feature that will allow users to point their phone at real-world objects around them in order to view useful information about them.

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Google Lens understands what users are looking at and will help them by providing relevant responses. Google’s Assistant with the help of Google Lens will perform actions based on the company’s various apps. A handful of impressive examples were demonstrated by the company such as that Google Lens will help users to identify a flower they are looking at with the help of Google’s image search, or can even recommend the restaurant based on a user’s location in Google Maps.

Google also has also pointed towards a more complex but very useful feature i.e. Google Lens can automatically grab the username and password during optical character recognition. This will help users when they want to connect their WiFi to their phone, they can just point their camera at the security credentials, and the rest of the work will be done by the assistant itself.

Google Lens is an extremely useful addition as it facilitates conversation between the user and the Assistant by using visual context and machine learning.

Via: The Next Web

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