Most Popular Employers, Jobs for 2016 College Grads

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LinkedIn has recently released data regarding college graduates. According to reports, America has undergone a massive transition with respect to its employment options. The country needs to train more and more people in order to meet the gap that has been created.

LinkedIn is playing an important role in addressing this shift with the help of its professional services. It revealed that even with the job shift, the traditional professional jobs for companies are in most demand. LinkedIn provided data for Fortune in 2015 but this is its first time to publish an entire report on college graduates employment options. According to the network, professional services were found as the most popular industry for graduates last year.

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This LinkedIn report is based on the college graduates only, it does not take into account the job of young adults who do not have a college degree or are confined with vocational training. The report also accounts for entry-level jobs and not the internship training which is completed by most of the graduates before landing into the professional market.

According to the report, Deloitte is the first company to hire most of the recent graduates. Earnst & Young ad Pricewaterhouse Coopers were also among hiring the most grads for financial and consulting purposes. Amazon and Oracle took the other two spots and gave the opportunity to traditional professional services.

Among all the jobs, the most popular one was of the Account Manager. This actually showed that college graduates are still interested in sales and customer relationship jobs. The second in demand job was of Software Engineer and business analyst job acquired the third place. After these three, the most in demand jobs were of customer service representative and administrative assistant. This showed that a majority of the college graduates are still focusing on jobs that emphasize people skills and assistance.

Via: Fortune

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