Millions of stolen Twitter logins are on SALE!

Bad News, More than 32 million Twitter login names and passwords are being offered for sale.

A hacker using the name Tessa88 is asking for 10 bitcoins (worth £4,000) for those who want the list.

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It is not confirmed whether the list is real or just a fabricated attempt to earn money. Reports are coming that the number is gathered using a online malware software.

Twitter, in a statement says it is “confident” that the data did not emerge from a breach of its network and the list is purely fabricated.

However, Leaked Source says it has taken proper steps to verify a small number of the email accounts and passwords in the list were genuine. This news has already set alarm bells ringing.

We will get to know more as the news unfold in the coming days.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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