Millionaire Robin Li, CEO Baidu Who Cashed On An Opportunity

Born in Shanxi Province to a factory worker parents, Robin Li migrated to main stream China to pursue his dreams and avail better opportunities in his childhood. Internet was still booming in China, thanks to the 1.34 Billion population. Robin wanted to make inroads in the computer electronic world business but had to complete his education first.

He faced lot of hard times in his childhood but did not quit his education, he got admission in Bachelor of Science degree in library information management. After 1991, he moved to US on a fellowship program and earned a doctoral degree in “Computer Science” as computers was always his passion. After doing job for few years, he received US patent for ‘Rankdex’ which is site ranking algorithm for search engine ranking.

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Now he had the education and expertise to follow his passion, he left his job in 1997 and started his own search engine ‘Baidu‘.

To his luck, as Chinese government started banning most of the US social networks, sites and apps Google faced a tough time too. With impressive marketing, Baidu was all over the internet space in China in a very short time and taking over other search engines.

Today, Robin Li is the 16th ranked richest people in Tech and has a net worth $13.6 Billion to date according to Forbes.

Where there is a will, there’s a way


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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