Microsoft is not killing its paint app

Rumors have been circulating recently that the paint software will be removed from Microsoft. But Microsoft has recently reported that it is not ending its paint app for the next update of Windows 10. This happened because the company listed “Paint” as deprecated meaning it would be considered to be removed from the program.

Microsoft Paint has been in existence for 32 years and this rumor created a spur among its fans who considered it the potential death of a popular feature. This is the reason Microsoft released a blog post indicated that Microsoft paint will not be removed completely but will be available in the Windows Store for free. In the statement, it was clarified that MS Paint is here to stay but only it will be staying in a new place i.e. the Windows Store where it can be accessed free of any cost.

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Microsoft Paint has a long history of being a part of the platform. The initial version of Windows named as Windows 1.0 was introduced with paint in November 1985. It was created by the ZSoft Corporation which originally released a licensed version of the PC Paintbrush.

This version initially supported 1-bit monochrome graphics. Until windows 98, it wasn’t even possible for the users to save images in the popular JPEG file format. This classic software was updated last year with the introduction of Paint 3D which is much more advanced than the original one. This is the feature that allows users to create three-dimensional images and currently exists on the Windows 10.

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