Meta introduces New features for Facebook and Instagram Reels ads

Meta introduces new features for facebook and instagram reel ads

Meta is rolling out a series of new features for Reels to enhance ad performance. These updates include introducing collection ads, multi-destination reel carousel ads, and swipe-left functionality.

Why is this important?  These fresh functionalities for Facebook and Instagram Reel ads by Meta streamline the campaign creation process, potentially leading to more captivating and higher-quality advertisements.

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Moreover, these tools are designed to elevate the user experience, making the shopping process smoother and more convenient, thus increasing the likelihood of prospective customers purchasing.

Collection Ads: Expanding to Facebook Reels

Previously available on Instagram, Collection ads are currently undergoing testing on Facebook Reels. This ad format features a prominent video or image, accompanied by smaller images that users can swipe through to discover more about the products that pique their interest.

It’s important to note that Collection ads are currently in a pilot phase and not accessible to all marketers. However, Meta has confirmed its intentions for a broader rollout shortly.

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Multi-Destination Reels Carousel Ads

Meta has introduced exciting new features to enhance ad performance. Multi-destination call-to-action features have been extended to Reels carousel ads on Facebook and Instagram, accessible on iOS and Android devices.

This enhancement empowers brands to direct potential customers to various product pages through the displayed images, simplifying the process of finding desired items and potentially driving increased sales.

Swipe Left Functionality

The swipe-left functionality, now available on both Facebook and Instagram Reels ads, enables users to explore further information about products that capture their interest. This feature streamlines the shopping experience, improving user satisfaction and potentially contributing to heightened sales.

Advantage+ Creative Suite Gets a Boost

Meta has shared its commitment to enhancing the Advantage+ creative suite, focusing on automation solutions for Reels ads. These include:

Creative Optimizations: Meta has integrated several new automation features into its Advantage+ creative suite within Ads Manager, such as:

  • Automatic templates for converting non-9:16 media to 9:16 media.
  • 3D motion and depth enhancements.
  • Aspect ratio flexibility.
  • Image and video improvements, including filters to enhance color and video resolution.

Music Inclusion: Available for All Advertisers on Facebook and Instagram

Now, all Facebook and Instagram advertisers can effortlessly incorporate music into their single image Reels ads during the campaign creation process. This feature is designed to enhance engagement and boost conversion rates, offering a creative edge to ad campaigns.

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Enhanced Brand Suitability Controls

Meta is rolling out two essential features to bolster brand suitability on Facebook and Instagram Reels:

  1. Brand Suitability: This control empowers advertisers to fine-tune where their campaigns appear, ensuring they steer clear of offensive content that doesn’t align with their brand values.
  2. Third-Party Brand Suitability Verification Solution with Zefr: Through this partnership with Meta Business Partner Zefr, advertisers gain an additional layer of confidence that their campaigns will be placed in a context that aligns with their brand values and avoids association with objectionable content on these platforms.

Meta’s Statement on Reel Ad Engagement

A spokesperson from Meta conveyed the following in a statement:

“As people increasingly invest their time in viewing Reels on Facebook and Instagram—where Reels content garners more than 200 billion daily plays across both platforms. We are actively developing ways to enrich the Reels ad experience for users and boost its effectiveness for advertisers.”

”Advertisements created specifically for Reels have demonstrated superior campaign performance. In the case of direct response campaigns, Reels ad sets featuring vertical sound on video creative exhibited a 4.8% lower cost per action, a 5.1% higher click-through rate, and a 2.9% higher conversion rate compared to other video types.”

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