IAS Expands Meta Partnership for Ad Tools on Facebook and Instagram Reels

Integral Advertising Science Ad measurement tools for Meta‘s Facebook and Instagram Reels videos have been released by IAS, a leading global media measurement and optimization platform, today. IAS will now provide viewability and invalid traffic measurement for Meta’s rapidly expanding Reels video feed inventory, expanding a partnership that began in 2016 so that advertisers can be sure that their ads are seen by real users.

Reel advertisers will now have unprecedented transparency into the performance of their ad campaigns thanks to the growing collaboration between Meta and IAS. For placements on Facebook and Instagram, IAS has already provided advertisers with measurement tools that include viewability and invalid traffic.

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As per Yannis Dosios, Chief Business Officer of IAS, “Facebook and Instagram Reels are immensely famous with promoters, and in view of the outcome of the current organization among Meta and IAS, we are satisfied to widen our work together and give this more profound degree of straightforwardness for Reels advertisements.” Savvy advertisers have proactively been putting commercials on in excess of 140 billion Reels, which are played consistently. Presently, they have considerably greater estimation experiences into which of their promotions are being seen and driving outcomes.”

Advertisers can generate more actionable reports with granular insights into ad views thanks to IAS’s innovative reporting product suite and extensive data collection.

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