Take Control of Your Data: Blocking Data Collection on Facebook and Instagram

Meta Activity off technologies

Meta has introduced a new feature that empowers users to prevent Instagram from gathering their data as they traverse various apps and websites, granting them greater control over the information they share with unfamiliar parties. This functionality, aptly named ‘Activity Off-Meta Technologies,’ is accessible within the Instagram app’s Accounts Center.

Users can now disconnect specific activities and erase collected data from applications and websites they’ve engaged with. This enhancement was initially available on Facebook and has now been extended to Instagram.

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Meta sources its data from third-party providers that employ its tools to monitor user actions, ultimately facilitating the delivery of personalized advertisements across its platform.

Meta has recently introduced a feature for Facebook and Instagram Reels

Enhanced data management: You can now block Instagram from data collection:

The newly introduced Activity Off-Meta Technologies feature, previously known as Off-Facebook Activity, allows users to access and manage the data shared across various apps and websites. Instagram users can now assess the businesses utilizing and distributing their data and disconnect from them as needed.

Blocking Data Collection on Facebook and Instagram

In addition to this enhancement, Meta provides users an option to transfer their photos and videos from Instagram to other compatible services. However, the list of supported platforms remains unspecified.

An illustrative example provided by Meta involves the sharing and printing a photo album using Instagram images. Furthermore, Instagram users can now download their data from Facebook and Instagram simultaneously, departing from the previous restriction that allowed downloads from only one platform at a time.

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