Meditation can actually help

Nowadays, meditation is becoming increasingly popular mostly among famous celebrities. It feels like more and more people are getting aware of the benefits of meditation. But it is not limited to celebrities and famous people, research has been carried out which proves that meditation is actually a process that can help us to relieve high levels of stress.

Findings of the research study:

Research has been carried out at the University of Harvard and Sienna that has revealed that the effects of meditation are more powerful than they are actually assumed. The process is believed to reduce stress and anxiety by changing the physiology of our brain.

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The study took place with 24 people having no experience of meditation. They were given an eight-week long course on meditation and mindfulness. Once a week, they were required to take a 2.5-hour session during which they learned walking meditation, sitting meditation, body scanning etc. Along with the course, participants were also given work to do at home. At home, they were asked to meditate for 45 minutes on their own.

Participants who took the course were able to experience a huge reduction in anxiety and stress and they seem more aware of themselves.

As good as medication:

The rising stress levels among people are taking over their lives. Stress and depression are turning people towards medication for fixing their issues. The antidepressants are by any means the way to cure the root of it. The only way that we can deal with our everyday stress more effectively is through meditation.

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