A Pakistani startup has made it to the Global Silicon Valley Elite 200

A Pakistani startup has made it to the Global Silicon Valley Elite 200

According to The News, the Pakistani startup MedAngle, a pioneering platform for aspiring physicians, has been nominated to the 2023 Global Silicon Valley Elite 200 EdTech startup.

There is only one Pakistani company on the list, an edtech company.

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Dr. Mohammad Azib, a member of the Dow University of Health Sciences 2020 graduating class, established the platform. He is the first full-stack technician and physician in the nation.

The first Pakistani to be accepted into the Transcend Fellowship in Silicon Valley is Dr. Azib. He was also admitted to the Stanford Graduate School of Business Seed Spark Programme, the MIT-Harvard Medical School Global Healthcare Innovation Programme, and the MIT-Harvard Medical School Global Healthcare Innovation Programme.

More than 61,000 medical students and prospective doctors have responded to more than 45 million questions on MedAngle. As a pioneer and leader in the field of digital medical education, the platform has established itself in Pakistan and elsewhere.

It is the largest medical education portal in the history of Pakistan and the Middle East, with over 40,000 multiple-choice questions, clinical cases, and other information.

More than 150 physicians, healthcare workers, and top medical students from Pakistan and the Middle East are employed by MedAngle. With the recent expansion into the UAE, the platform has expanded its technology to more than 140 schools across two countries.

These firms were selected to participate in the annual ASU+GSV Summit, which brings together top thinkers to address the issues surrounding learning and work in society and business.

As determined by the GSV Cup semifinalists, also known as Elite 200, which were selected from a large pool of international applicants, it consists of the strongest pre-seed and seed companies in the Pre-K to Gray sector.

In 2010, Arizona State University (ASU) and Global Silicon Valley (GSV) joined together to launch the summit.

This year’s ASU+GSV Summit featured Sal Khan, the founder, and CEO of the Khan Academy, as well as Sam Altman, the founder, and CEO of OpenAI and ChatGPT, as speakers. Bill Gates delivered the keynote address.

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