Maximum productivity while being unemployed

We experience a haze of emotions when we are going through the period of unemployment. The early feelings of freedom and endless opportunities suddenly shift to hopelessness and self-doubt. The morning time feels the worst and you feel embarrassed to go out. You don’t want anyone to know that you no longer have a job because they start judging you. For some people it’s like wearing a sign around their neck which states “unemployed, failure, and unwanted”. This is really sad but it’s very human.

This not something abnormal happening, there are millions of people who get unemployed at any time. It’s not something you’ve committed a felony rather it’s an opportunity to start afresh. If you plan your unemployment period better, it’s easy to collect the benefits in a short time. We live in a fluid world where job pool is elastic, it’s a place where jobs disappear after some time, and some new jobs are created. You can schedule this time to find a better job. You can treat it like a job to find your new job instead of taking it as a vacation.

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Early Wake up and Work out:

Working out early in the morning is something that becomes more beneficial when you have free time. You can concentrate on your work out and are not in a rush to reach your office. It gives you more energy and does not let you become lethargic during your unemployment period. With budget on the lower side, working out home is better than spending money at gym’s membership fees.

Keep the routine:

Do not allow your unemployment period to ruin your routine of getting all prepared in the morning. It is the time you can consider your strengths, likes and dislikes. For your breakfast, choose things that can give you energy and do not make you sleepy.

Search for and apply for long-term jobs:

Consider morning time the best opportunity to search and apply for jobs. Make it your job to search for jobs every day and apply for the posts you consider appropriate. Keep your resume up-to-date and then search for all the jobs.

For each job, write an individualized cover letter and do not send the same cover with every job application. Always include relevant information and try to infuse your personality in every cover letter you send. This is an opportunity you cannot avail when you are working from morning till evening.

Take a break:

Make your lunch time a bit relaxing for yourself. Maintain your energy levels by eating light food and go for a walk to keep stay fit.

Search and apply for short-term jobs:

It’s not necessary to just wait for the jobs you consider can give your income a boost. During unemployment period, funds can end soon therefore spend an hour each day after your lunch to look for short-term jobs. This can be a way to earn passive income and apply for jobs that come in accordance with your skills.

Learn new skills:

There are plenty of online courses available to improve your skills set. Search for fields that interest you and take online courses. Udemy is a good source for taking online courses with minimum possible price.


Networking is something that becomes more important when you are looking for a job. Email all your contacts to forward your applications to their contacts. You never know any of the contact might prove helpful in your search.


Boost your spirits by helping people or organizations voluntarily. You will gain experience and confidence which will be a good addition on your resume.



























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