Mark Zuckerberg talks about Facebook future plans – More than 2.6 billion people use Facebook now

More than 2.6 billion people use Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger each month. More than 2 billion people use at least one of our Facebook supported service every day. This was revealed by Mark Zuckerberg in his Facebook post just a few hours ago.

Facebook is quickly growing into the world’s most preferred one stop resource for networking, chatting, messaging, shopping and most importantly, for businesses to outreach their potential customers worldwide.

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It is also focused on things like helping you find someone to date, or find a job, or buy and sell things, or grow your small business, or create an event, or start fundraisers, or bring together a group to volunteer.

Speaking about the current year, Mark said:

This has been an important year. We’ve made progress on some of our hardest issues and we’ve built a lot of products I’m really proud of.

Speaking about Facebook quarterly results, Mark said:

We had a solid quarter, and our community and business continue to grow quickly. 2.3 billion people now use Facebook every month, and 1.5 billion every day. Revenue grew 33% year-over-year to $13.7 billion.

Talking about the Facebook road map in the future, Mark says.

If the last 10 years have been about friends and family, then the next 10 years will be about your communities as well.

Messaging and Stories:

There are a couple of reasons we’ve focused on building stories in all our apps. First, I just think that this is the future.

Mark also said that people now share more than 1 billon stories everyday of Facebook or Facebook connected platforms.

On the business side of messaging, our first step has been to enable people to connect with businesses organically in ways they find useful, and then the second step is to give businesses additional paid tools to increase those interactions.

Talking about Stories, Mark believes, ‘stories’ are the future.

Facebook stories started off slower but they immediately picked up the pace with WhatsApp and Instagram stories.


There was finally a word out about WhatsApp paid services, focused purely towards businesses.

With more than 3 million accounts on WhatsApp Business. Facebook will be introducing paid messaging and ads in stories.

This will make businesses pay to send messages, Facebook believes, it will make them more selective with what they advertise to the people.

Marketplace: Facebook Marketplace, Buy and Sell With Local Community

Facebook marketplace, an idea that was rolled out live just over a year ago is now used by 800 million people. It is quickly emerging as one of the most popular places to buy and sell things online.

Facebook marketplace has challenged Craigslist and according to some pandits, Marketplace is better than Craigslist and here are 5 reasons why they think so.

On jobs, Facebook has helped people find more than 1 million jobs.

On fundraisers, in the last year Facebook has helped people raise more than $300 million for charities on their birthdays alone. A feat that speaks volume about Facebook outreach and preference among the people on the internet worldwide.


Mark emphasized on the importance of video and media in the future and explained Facebook’s motive to upscale media’s usage.

Facebook Watch is quickly picking the pace and is used by many people to watch the video content and people in US are monetizing their videos in too. Open program is a new innovative tool to let people earn money from their videos.

Mark understands, it may be far behind to the competitor YouTube but, the motive is to take Facebook video to that level where YouTube stands now in the future.

Safety and Security:

Let me start by saying that last month we had a serious security issue. Our teams did well to find and close the vulnerability quickly, but we have a long road ahead to prevent these kinds of attacks in the future.

Talking about security, Mark said; The upcoming elections will be a real test of the protections we’ve put in place.



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