Managing abusive tweets and users is much easier with Twitter

Internet holds a lot of opportunities that allow us freedom of expression regardless of the faith and class we belong to. But these prospects overshadow the challenges it brings with it. While the internet is not separate from the realm of laws, there are complications in controlling the responses of people that fill the space with abusive content.

Some real steps have been taken by Twitter in order to limit the freedom of expression on the platform. It has recently created ways to help ensure that the abusive content remains less visible on the platform. Previously Twitter made numerous attempts to make it easier to report and punish trolls. But this recent series of announcement is strictly intended at cutting the abusive tweets from the website.

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The first stage involves users who have previously been banned from the platform.  Any such users will not be allowed to use the platform under any new username. It has not yet been made clear how Twitter is going to do that but it’s a good step forward.

Secondly, a safe search filter is going to be implemented by the platform which will be turned on by default. The search results will not reveal the potentially sensitive tweets and tweets from blocked or muted accounts. But users will be given the option to opt out of either of those filters.

The final step will result into an end to the replies that are abusive or are centered towards hate. These will be discarded for tweets that truly deserve a place on the platform. Although all these will be accessible to users by clicking “show less relevant replies” button.

The sources state that the process of machine learning is being applied in order to separate abusive content from the rest. The tweets that will just be aimed to spread disturbing content will automatically be hidden from users’ accounts. Twitter is continuously working on making AI smarter and is determined to remove all abusive responses from its platform. Twitter seems eager to help ensure that the internet remains a place of positive potential and wants to build a network on the basis of peace and sustainable development.

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