Research says do one thing very early to make your kids happier and wealthier

Every person wants to live a happy and successful life but for parents, there is a time when the priorities shift a bit. When you have kids, the most important goals start to involve setting up your children for success and happiness in their own lives. But, the parent’s involvement is not the only factor that makes children successful. There are many people who defied the odds and achieved great success even without the involvement of their parents.

With the passage of time, scientists and researchers have made a lot of progress to understanding how parents can make help their children to become happier and successful in life. Last year, a group of researchers at the MIT, Harvard, and the University of Pennsylvania revealed that an important thing that parents can do for their children is to have back and forth exchanges with them frequently.

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At the age of 4 and 6, it will help them to develop, foster, and improve their communication abilities. Moreover, children are found to have healthier relationships, strong marriages, better self-esteem, and overall satisfaction in life.

Back-and-forth talk:

For this purpose, researchers evaluated 36 children by using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). It identified the differences that how the brain responds to different conversational analysts. The study revealed that a region of the brain Broca’s area that focuses on speech production and language processing, was more active in children who were engaged in back-and-forth conversations in their lives.

These were the children who scored higher in tests of language, grammar, as well as verbal reasoning skills. According to John Gabrieli, the senior author of the study, the most important thing that is revealed through the study is that the family conversation at home is associated with brain development in children and it magically influences their biological growth of the brain.

Reducing the word gap:

Earlier it was thought that children who belong to higher-income families had strong language and communication skills. It was considered that those children were exposed to 30 million more words in the initial years of their life as compared to the children who belonged to lower-income families.

But the recent studies have revealed that the conversational turn-taking seems to make a difference regardless of the socioeconomic status if the children. Families with higher socioeconomic status have more turn-taking but the children coming from low-income groups or parental education showed the same benefits from the conversational turn-taking.

The studies suggest that parents should have conversations with their children that require a back-and-forth dialogue. This is of great benefit in significant ways in the long-run. It is because the interactive conversation helps children to improve their communication skills as a whole which helps the, attain success in life.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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