Make creativity a part of your life by finding it every day through these 7 activities

Do you remember the last time you did something creative? This is something that might stretch way back when you were in school and enjoyed squishing paint between your fingers, filling your palms with glue, and peeling it away to reveal something surprising. You may have liked turning lumps of clay into something only your mothers could love. Creativity is something that is buried within you and you bring it to light when you choose to.

You can make creativity a part of your life by finding it every day through these activities:

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Breathe deeply:

Just because you are not creative at present does not mean you won’t be creative for the rest of your life. Take deep breaths and don’t panic because everything is going to be okay. Once you allow yourself to breathe freely, there will be an abundance of ideas for you to think about.


Stretch yourself:

Sometimes when you don’t move and don’t stretch yourself, the creativity seems to get stuck. Therefore, keep yourself moving through exercise and walking. Your blood will start flowing and your creativity will get a boost too.

Observe your surrounding:

When you feel stuck at creativity, it is better to move away from that place and splash some water on your face. Look outside the window and observe the people, see the sun blazing in the sky, or feel the wind. These little changes will spark your creativity and you will feel much lighter to allow the new ideas to enter your mind.

Read more:

The best way to unlock your own creativity is to get into the habit of reading. You can get inspiration from the words of other people and it can help you to either write or create something of your own.

Don’t stay dehydrated:

You cannot develop new ideas if you stay dehydrated or hungry. It is because your stomach keeps growling for food or your body feels lethargic due to lack of water which makes it hard to stay focused at work. Fuel your body with healthy nutrients and drink plenty of water to stay active and alert.

Get inspired by music:

Listening to music can inspire you at many levels because it unleashes your passion, your wisdom, your hope, and your dreams. Therefore, listen to your favorite music and sometimes try something new as well.

Talk to people:

You can boost your creativity by talking to other people. There is a lot happening around you and by paying attention to it, you will learn a lot. So, talk to people and listen to their experiences. You will learn more than you can ever learn from books or articles.

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