Major Updates in Machine Learning, Robotics, and Automation

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Our AI Daily Roundup is here. We report on the most important global updates. The most cutting-edge features in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, robotic process automation, fintech, and human-system interactions will be included in the updates.

We talk about the role that AI Daily Roundup plays and how it is used in various fields and everyday life.

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Employees worry about job security as AI creates excitement and fear:

Employees worry about job security as AI creates excitement and fear. Despite the fact that synthetic intelligence (AI) is becoming an inevitable part of the cultural landscape, its position in the place of the job has now not been established, and this lack of readability is putting some employees at risk.

The first groundbreaking generational AI capabilities in Adobe Illustrator are now supported by Adobe Firefly:

Adobe presented Generative Recolor (beta), the first integration of Adobe Firefly into Adobe Illustrator, at MAX London. With the help of straightforward text prompts, designers can quickly experiment with colors. With Firefly as a creative co-pilot, the new release advances Adobe’s vision of empowering creators of all skill levels to bring their ideas to life at the speed of imagination.

Cyber-Ark Poll: The use of AI tools, employee turnover, and economic pressures increase the surface for identity theft:

Cyber-Ark recently released a global report that demonstrates how identity-led cybersecurity exposure is expanding as a result of the conflict between the rapid pace of technological innovation, including the development of artificial intelligence (AI), and challenging economic conditions.

According to the Cyber-Ark 2023 Identity Security Threat Landscape Report, an increase in “cyber debt” could result from these issues and an anticipated 240% increase in the number of human and machine identities.: where spending on cybersecurity outpaces investment in digital and cloud initiatives, resulting in an identity-centric attack surface that is rapidly expanding and unsecured.

SpaceX Transporter-8 Mission Continues Sate Logic Earth Observation Constellation’s Expansion”:

Four NewSats Mark-V spacecraft successfully reached Low-Earth orbit following a SpaceX Falcon 9 launch on June 12 from Vandenberg Space Force Base in California, according to State Logic, a leader in the satellite imagery collection with a sub-meter resolution.

This is State Logic’s 15th mission, and it is the company’s first payload made entirely of spacecraft of the most recent generation with advanced Earth Observation (EO) capabilities.

Crewed aircraft solar inspections help Zeitview increase its European service offerings:

Europe added a record 41 gigawatts of solar power last year, well on its way to surpassing wind power as Europe’s primary clean electricity source. Zeitview, a leading provider of AI-enabled advanced energy and infrastructure inspection software, has announced a further expansion of its solar inspection services in Europe as tens of millions more people rely on solar power annually.

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