Low-quality webpages being discarded by Facebook

The way fake news trend surfaced the whole platform during the elections and actually influenced the outcomes. This issue pushed the social media giant into a crackdown mode.

Since last year, Facebook has been making a lot of efforts to make users feel more confident while clicking to links on the platform. Recently, it has stated that it is working on burying types of links that leads to spam websites. Although spam websites are being punished by the platform since last year but now it has planned to leverage it AI system to down rank such links.

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All disruptive posts will be shown lower on the News Feed. It may not be qualified for ads anymore. Facebook seems to be going after advertisers who rely on misleading or spam pages. Targeting such publishers will help reduce their economic incentive.

This is small but a major step in making the platform more reliable and this will definitely bring an increase in traffic to the websites that are providing a high-quality experience to users.

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