LinkedIn launches a huge redesign like facebook

It is very common among LinkedIn users to use the website a few times while searching for a job and never look back at it again. With the previous structure, it was easier for users to lose interest on the website. But now it has launched a new design with the aim of keeping the user connected to the platform. Since LinkedIn’s inception, this is called the platform’s major revamp for desktop. It is more enthused with company’s mobile apps, but with a cleaner modern design.

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The basic purpose of this redesign is to provide users an easy access to the most relevant professional conversations, content, and opportunities on both desktop and mobile applications. Along with a twisted color palette, few other changes involves

The availability of large icons for easier navigation at the top of the website.

Chat windows similar to Facebook’s that are persistent irrespective of ones place on LinkedIn.

Conversations are encouraged by LinkedIn by suggesting people to chat with if you have a connection at a company.

With a combination of algorithm and humans, the feed is fine tuned. For reading about specific topics, the company has assured many ways for users.

A single universal search bar is available for the whole lot across the website.

Insights will be given on whoever gets a look at the content user’s share.

More useful tips for properly arranging user’s profile.

The cleaner look of LinkedIn’s platform is more appealing to its users. The similarity with Facebook makes it easy for new members to use it easily. It does not matter even it resembles Facebook at some point because LinkedIn will go for anything that would give people a reason to stick to the platform.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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