LinkedIn Algorithm Change Could Promote Your Best Posts For Months

LinkedIn Algorithm Boosts Top Posts Long-Term

According to a recent interview with corporate management, LinkedIn is preparing new tools and algorithm adjustments to help users connect with more focused audiences months or even years after sharing their greatest content.

LinkedIn execs Tim Jurka and Dan Roth discussed themes related to increasing engagement on the platform in a recent session that was posted on

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The main points of the conversation are listed here.

Suggested Posts – A Major Algorithm Shift

LinkedIn is working on a new feature called “suggested post” that would help them deliver relevant material to targeted audiences even after it has been shared.

According to Jurka, “Right now, content lives and dies on the newsfeed very quickly.” “Our goal is to compile all of the expert knowledge available on our platform and ensure that it appears when you need it.”

One of LinkedIn’s largest algorithm updates in recent memory is the addition of the suggested posts function. Preserving older posts if they are still relevant, signifies a change in the way social media networks disseminate content.

LinkedIn verified that a limited number of members are presently undergoing testing for the feature. The CEOs did not, however, indicate when a wider rollout may occur.

How LinkedIn Will Choose Posts To Suggest

The process for suggested posts is as follows:

  • If you share a thought-provoking post on a specialized subject, LinkedIn’s algorithm can recognize your content as being exceptionally important.
  • After that, even if they are not already followers, those who express interest in that topic may see your content in their feeds for months or even years after you first uploaded it.

Rather than only showing the most recent postings, the objective is to actively match readers with appropriate material based on their current needs.

Addressing Claims Of Declining Organic Reach

Since last year’s algorithm modifications, several content creators claim it has gotten more difficult to expand their reach on LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, tailored value is more important to the organization than broad reach.
The CEOs clarified that the platform’s organic reach has always varied. They contend that genuine relationships are more significant than meaningless statistics like likes or follows.

Cautions Against Algorithm “Hacks”

Users are advised by LinkedIn not to believe stories that claim to have figured out the company’s algorithm because the signals are always shifting.

Roth contends that the best course of action is to share helpful knowledge.

Important Lessons For Marketers

In light of these algorithm modifications, digital marketers should modify their LinkedIn strategy in the following ways.

Prioritize quality over quantity

Since LinkedIn values “knowledge and advice” material that is relevant for a long period, marketers should not be as concerned with creating a lot of postings. Rather, focus on producing truly original, valuable thoughts that are of a high caliber.

Give Niche Communities Priority

On today’s LinkedIn, mass reach is not as significant. Instead of just sprinkling content all over the platform, marketers should interact with specialized professional groups and establish trusting relationships with important subsets.

Accept Long-Form Content

LinkedIn’s suggested post and newsletter features are ideally suited for lengthy, in-depth posts. Series and long-form content should be experimented with by marketers.

Keep an eye on analytics

Observe audience metrics closely to see what kind of material is most popular. Make decisions based on data, not on fictitious “hacks” or conventional wisdom.

Examine a Variety of Content Formats

LinkedIn now provides additional alternatives, including live video, audio, and newsletters. To determine which format best engages their audience, marketers should test and evaluate the outcomes across a variety of forms.

Instead of posting generic, spammy content, the secret is to offer real value and insight to specialized professional networks. It’s more important than ever to prioritize quality above quantity.

Additional Offerings and Features

As they expand their content offerings, LinkedIn is looking into further ways to incorporate audio features and newsletters in addition to the elements already listed.

The modifications show how LinkedIn wants to evolve from being a social network to a professional knowledge-sharing platform. Part of that strategy involves ensuring the long-term survival of older material through suggested posts.

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