Lengthy office hours making you fat and lazy?. Here are 5 simple ways to get fit in the office


Finding time to exercise in the fast pace world is definitely a fitness challenge. This is the reason many business professionals have started to take their workout routine in their office. But it sometimes makes people face an embarrassment of working up a sweat in front of the boss or the colleagues.

But instead of showing up early in the office and utilizing the company gym when seems to be woefully empty at that time, you can utilize some very simple ways to get fit in the office. Following are the few ways you can start doing it:

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Keeping your posture straight:

You always have to start with the right posture because it is the biggest factor in your wellbeing. If you slouch and work under stress, it can cause a lot of harmful effects on your body. When you are sitting on your chair, keep your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Do not cross your legs or stick them in front of you because it is not good for the blood flow. Therefore always keep your feet firmly on the ground or on a box to make it less uncomfortable.

Avoid temptations:

When you are working in an office, food and drinks are the biggest temptations and you find joy in shifting your focus towards them. But for staying fit, you need to keep a check on whatever you feed your body. Do not indulge in mindless snacking under stress and just stick to eating healthy food such as fruits, almonds, etc.

Use standing desks:

In an office, your lot of time is spent on a chair. It sometimes makes your whole body ache and you hardly find it easy to stand up and walk. Sitting for longer duration is extremely dangerous for your health; therefore, prefer standing desks in your office. You can easily adjust the standing desks as you work and also cycling desk will help your body moving while you are doing your work.

Smile and laugh often:

When you are working, you hardly remember to smile and laugh. But it brings a lot of good effects to your health. Surround yourself with people with whom you can share jokes during the day. When you laugh, it releases endorphins in your body and you feel relaxed. Once you are relaxed, you become more productive and it brings a lot of positive effects on your mental and physical health.

Take breaks:

You cannot work productively if you don’t take breaks. You need to take regular breaks and bring your mind to life. Either go out for a small walk or learn something new in that short span of time. You will feel more refreshed once you will get back to work.

Variation is the secret to success in all aspects of life and you need to remember that working out does not necessarily means a chore. It can be any activity that you enjoy and look forward to each day.

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