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“COVID-19 has thrown off many people from their full-time jobs. People are finding it hard to make ends meet. Freelancing can help you survive this time period”

In 5 separate live streams, consisting of 1 and a half hours each. I will teach you every single detail about Freelancing so you can start today and make money.

Yes you read it right, the training is 100% FREE (no strings attached)

Follow me on YouTube. I am teaching Freelancing, Digital Marketing, Communication, Blogging and many more skills.
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    Unique teaching that can change your life / Take Control Of Your Life. Practical, Screen Shared learning.

    Take Control Of Your Finances By Learning Freelancing:

    Internet is an amazing world. There are so many opportunities on the internet and Freelancing is one. After Learning business development and tech skill, you can learn freelancing and offer your service as a freelancer on different freelancer marketplaces as well as social media and make good money.

    Let me clarify, you do not need a college degree to learn how to freelance. Instead, In my LIVE classes, I will show you simplest and easiest way of learning all magic tricks that could enable you to jump-start your career online and start freelancing.

    Yes, you can. Together, we will make it happen and you will learn and earn.

    Why you should learn freelancing from me?

    • I have been freelancing for over 2 decades now.
    • I am a freelancing instructor for a Federal Government program called DigiSkills
    • I will teach you how to assess projects and bid on the projects.
    • You will learn how to create a GIG that sells on Fiverr.
    • You will learn how to do business development to get more clients.
    • You will learn client retention for future freelance work
    • You will make money (Guaranteed)
    • You will learn how to have unlimited freedom as a freelancer
    • Just remember, money is a byproduct of success.


    I am freelance by choice, a teacher by accident and God knows what’s next. I was laid off from my job in the late 90’s and ever since, I am self employed for the last 2 decades.

    Thanks to the internet, I have learned how to make money by offering my services as a freelancer on different websites.

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    Happy Learning Everybody!

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