Lakson Investments awarded as Pakistan’s first VC Firm

Lakson Investments has been a major player in Pakistan’s economy. It has some of the best business managers in the country. Lakson Investment is led by a group of partners who were previously directors at reputable firms. This company is focused on integrating the experience gained from the local economy with world’s business environment.

Recently, the company has announced that it has been awarded the first VC license in Pakistan. Lakson Investments is one of the private sector asset managers in Pakistan with over US $300m under management with a rating of AM2+. The PE Fund for the company is currently in pre-launch and expects to be investing by fall 2017.

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The company is actively aiming to develop another investment team for the Lakson Investment VC (“LC VC”) that will combine local understanding with the international experiences. The fund will be used to develop new enterprises and through investing seed capital. This will help them advance on a broader level. Currently, over 14,000 people are employed by the Lakson company in Pakistan in business such as Broadcast and Print Media (Express Media group), Technology (CyberNet &Sybrid) Insurance, QSR( McDonald’s Pakistan) and FMCG (Colgate-Palmolive Pakistan).

The Lakson Company is eager to explore the incredible opportunities that are offered in Pakistan’s IT space. The company has announced that Sybrid will be one of their main technology partners for reviewing both the IT capabilities of the firms. The teams and offices of the Lakson Company are expected to be based around different cities such as Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad in Pakistan.

The news originally appeared in The Dawn

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