Lacking fulfilment in your life? Take care of these small things we often take for guaranteed

When it comes to expanding your consciousness, it is just a fancy way saying that you become more aware of what you do, what you experience, the ways you react, and what that response means to show you. It has nothing to do with anything feeling less or doing less or being different. It is just to be more aware and more conscious of everything.

By expanding your consciousness means to pave a path to be freer, less confined by the issues that are created by yourself and finding fulfillment in your life through general attitude. Following are the few effective ways that can help you expand your consciousness on daily basis:

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Be in the present moment:

Most people spend time in regretting their past or worrying about their future but it brings them no good. Instead, you should learn to live in the moment and embrace the time you are in. there is nothing you can do to change your past or make your future as you actually want, but you can do everything in your power to make your present the best. Once you do that, it will take care of the future itself.

Get tune in with your true nature:

Over the years, you naturally feel drawn to cultural conditioning. Nut for expanding your consciousness; you need to get in tune with your true nature. You must accept that you are a unique individual and you cannot become somebody else. If you accept your true nature and fully embrace it, it will make you more aware of your own self.

Do what you love:

People who are passionate find jobs that fulfill their heart’s desires. But this does not happen for everyone. If you don’t have a job that satisfies your inner feelings then find time to do something that you really want to do on daily basis.

Become open minded:

There is no limit to information and even if you think you are fully aware of something, you are actually not. The grass may appear to be green but it may just be your perception, therefore, open your mind to view the world from different perspectives. Take few moments out daily to view the world around you in a completely different manner.

Absorb the knowledge and practice it:

Just reading books, listening to podcasts, and lectures is not helpful for actually understanding the knowledge you have acquired. You must learn to absorb the information and practice it in your real life. Get the guidance from a mentor and fully submit to their leadership.

Be clear of what you want:

You cannot achieve anything in life unless you are clear on what you want. You can only create a life when you find your values and get clear on what is important in your life. This will improve your consciousness and will build a roadmap for you to travel on.

Take time to reflect:

It is not always about reaching a destination; you need to reflect on how far you have come as a person. No matter how small achievements you have made in your life, you must take time out to celebrate your success. There is always something to learn even when you feel like you are in a worse position than you were yesterday.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)