Kuwait launches a new visa to boost its economy

visa of Kuwait

A new form of visa has reportedly been introduced by Kuwait, according to local media. A visa is intended to enable travelers to enter the nation for social, cultural, and recreational purposes.

Sheikh Talal Al-Khaled Al-Sabah, the Deputy Prime Minister, Interior Minister, and Acting Defence Minister, made this choice. The objective is to grow Kuwait’s sporting and tourist industries.

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The General Directorate for Residency Affairs will issue the visa. Individuals must apply for a visa through a sports team, social club, cultural association, or other recognized organization. They have to abide by the rules established by the authorities. By following this procedure, it is ensured that the visa was received legally.

The sporting and cultural visas have a three-month validity period after they are issued. They can be extended if necessary for an additional year after the first issuance. This suggests that people can live in Kuwait for a long time if they continue to take part in sports, cultural activities, and social gatherings.

Kuwait wants to make it simpler for travelers to the nation who have an interest in sports, culture, or social activities. The sports and tourist industries in Kuwait are anticipated to benefit from this shift, which would ultimately help the nation’s economy.

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