Kickstarter Introduces Live Video Stream For Better Results

Kickstarter Live is rolled out for live streaming videos on Tuesday. It is a great help for campaigns to stream live videos of their fundraising process on Kickstarter platform. This new idea has been in beta testing for the last couple of months.

Launched in 2009, Kickstarter has successfully funded 114,370 projects whereas backers of the website have been able to pledge $2.7 billion in this time. The site has now taken a leap to start its live streaming technique for its events. It has become the first crowd funding website to include live video elements to their working process.

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The website’s pages have applied tools to stream demos of the products intended to be made, the working of the crowd funded art projects, end of a Kickstarter’s campaign countdowns as well as other events. This new platform aims to pace up the real time community engagements.


This will work exactly the live streaming works for Facebook and other platforms. Real time comments and other options such as taking other actions while watching the videos will also be available for the audience.

The uniqueness of the Kickstarter website is its understanding of the entire concept. It brings the creators and people supporting them under the same roof and boost up the individual connections.

According to Yancey Strickler, CEO Kickstarter,

This is a very good opportunity for the audience to stay tuned in and ask queries, chat, send selfies, choose prizes, and back up the project.

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