Jobs That Pay Well With Intermediate Skills

Unless you are in line for a big inheritance from a long-lost relative, you must be looking for a way to make lots of money. It is because your best bet lies within the job market but all jobs are not equal when it comes to making money. It is because there are low-paying jobs, good-paying jobs, and highest-paying jobs.

The highest-paying jobs are the ones in which people are most interested because a lucrative career path means that you have the means to enjoy the better things in life. When you have a better job, you have the luxury to go on vacations, wear designer clothes, and never having to check a price tag. However the road to getting there isn’t paved with gold, typically higher-paying jobs require higher education and many years of experience. But these jobs are surely the ones that are worth all the effort.

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According to the lead analyst at an online salary database, for most of the skilled labor force, increased competency within one’s role is the road to increased pay levels. An individual can obtain some skills through education and can pick up many others through on-the-job training. In today’s world of big data, any use and application of data modeling is a highly valuable skill and pays you a lot better than the rest of the jobs. Following are the few skills that can help you boost your annual earning and actually feel the pay difference as compared to those who don’t have these skills.


This skill is pronounced as sass and it is software that helps individuals to perform numerous tasks. The activities that can be performed skillfully with this software include business forecasting, project management, and statistical analysis. This is the skill that you can acquire by reading books, reviewing online forums, or asking questions from the SAS discussion. You can get the job of a data analyst with the SAS skill and can earn up to $52,500.

Ruby on Rails:

This is the job of a web developer that gives developers the structure for the code that they use to build websites. It helps them to create applications and can be acquired through classes or the available online tutorials. If you have the understanding of its programming language Ruby, you can earn up to $50,700.

Data Modeling:

This is a skill that involves a process for number and information crunching. This is used to define and analyze the data requirements for the information systems. This is a skill that is basically self-taught but can also be learned through online classes. The job you can get on the basis of the skill is of a financial analyst. If you have the skill, you can earn up to $54,700.

Strategic marketing:

This is a skill that uses a structured approach. It is a process that helps businesses to get the most out of their marketing strategies. For acquiring the skill, you need to earn a marketing degree or take specific classes and seminars. With this skill, you can become a marketing manager and can earn up to $52,900 with a five percent increase from the workers who don’t have this skill.


This involves a back and forth dialogue that takes place between two or more individuals who are looking for a solution to an issue. You can easily learn it through books, online classes, and through practice. Through negotiation, you can get the job of a retail buyer and can earn up to $44,900 from your work.

If you have your eyes on the highest-paying jobs then you must understand that securing one requires that particular skill. You can tailor your resume according to the types of jobs you are most interested in and keep an eye where your skill is required.

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