In 2023, UNESCO will have 14 positions for international professionals and higher categories

jobs at UNESCO

UNESCO International Professionals and Higher Categories Jobs

In the realm of UNESCO, the pursuit of excellence knows no bounds. Through the UNESCO International Professionals program, individuals of exceptional talent and expertise are sourced from around the globe to contribute to the Organization’s diverse initiatives. These professionals are entrusted with serving at various duty stations throughout their careers, enriching UNESCO’s mission with their unique skills and perspectives.

Expanding Opportunities for Global Talent

As a platform that champions inclusivity and diversity, UNESCO recognizes the importance of engaging professionals from all corners of the world. In line with this commitment, the organization provides opportunities for young graduates hailing from under-represented countries to join its ranks. Through a rigorous and competitive recruitment program, talented individuals from non-represented nations can embark on a rewarding journey with UNESCO.

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A Multitude of Roles and Responsibilities

Within the realm of UNESCO International Professionals and Higher Categories of Jobs, an array of captivating roles await those with a passion for education, expertise, and leadership. These positions demand a high level of educational qualifications, profound subject knowledge, analytical prowess, effective communication skills, and the ability to inspire and manage teams.

Embarking on a Fulfilling Career

For aspiring professionals seeking an enriching and impactful career, the 14 UNESCO International Professionals and Higher Categories Jobs in 2023 present an extraordinary opportunity. Whether it’s contributing to global educational initiatives, promoting cultural diversity, fostering scientific research, or advocating for sustainable development, UNESCO offers a multitude of pathways to make a significant difference in the world.

Apply Today and Shape the Future

If you possess the drive and ambition to be part of UNESCO’s global mission, seize the moment and apply for one of the coveted positions. By joining the ranks of UNESCO International Professionals, you will not only embark on a personally rewarding journey but also play a pivotal role in shaping the future of education, culture, and science.

Don’t miss this chance to be part of a vibrant and dynamic organization that values excellence, innovation, and positive change. Submit your application today and unlock a world of opportunities with UNESCO International Professionals and Higher Categories Jobs.

Title Location Type of post Grade Closing date
Ethics Advisor Paris, France Professional P-5 26-JUL-2023
Head of Unit (Budget and Finance) Trieste, Italy Professional P-3 11-AUG-2023
Programme Specialist (Social and Human Sciences) Montevideo, Uruguay Professional P-4 08-AUG-2023 (Updated)
Associate Programme Specialist (Social and Human Sciences) Paris, France Professional P-2 08-AUG-2023
Programme Specialist Paris, France Professional P-4 08-AUG-2023
Associate Project Officer (Culture) Paris, France Professional P-2 24-JUL-2023
Chief Technical Advisor/Project Manager (Natural Sciences) Almaty, Kazakhstan Professional P-3 20-JULY-2023
Associate Liaison Officer Paris, France Professional P-2 31-JULY-2023
Programme Specialist (Natural Sciences) 1 Almaty, Kazakhstan Professional P-3 17-JULY-2023 (Extended)
Programme Specialist (Digital Policies and Digital Transformation, Communication and Information) Paris, France Professional P-3 28-JUL-2023
Senior Project Officer (Data and Analysis) Multiple, Multiple Professional P-4 18-JUL-2023
Project Officer – Education Statistics (Africa) Dakar, Senegal Professional P-3 15-JUL-2023
Senior Regional Advisor (Statistics) [Re-advertisement] Dakar, Senegal Professional P-5 18-JUL-2023
Head of Section (Research and Innovation in Monitoring Education) [Re-advertisement] Montreal, Canada Professional P-5 14-JUL-2023


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