Jack Ma, Alibaba founder and his amazing inspirational story

Jack Ma, Alibaba founder is one of the biggest internet company in China and is a global force in current Era. It has now made him accustomed to being the richest people in the country. Alibaba story is pretty amazing. Growing up in China taught him to cultivate connections and quickly adapt to the ever demanding changes. For him, it is important to do something that influences people and the country’s development. Alibaba founder, Jack Ma is a man whose struggles have impacted the entire economy and the internet industry of China. Jack ma is an inspiration, he really likes to go deep fishing, go for the kill, and do something others cannot do.

If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure. Jack Ma

Who is Jack Ma?

The founder of the e-commerce giant Alibaba and the stakeholder at Alipay, Jack Ma is the richest man in China. In Alibaba, Jack Ma holds a 7.8% stake and a 50% stake in Alipay. The Chinese business magnet is among the wealthiest people in Asia with a net worth of US $46.4 billion as of October 2017. The global icon in business and entrepreneurship, Jack Ma is one of the world’s most influential businessmen as well as a philanthropist is known for illuminating his philosophy of business.

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I’m a normal guy. Jack Ma

Early Life:

Jack ma was born in Hangzhou in 1965 during the beginning of Chinese Cultural Revolution to bourgeois parents with low-class backgrounds. From a very young age, Jack Ma was aware if the fact that world is a large place with wide opportunities. He got interested in English at the age of 12 and in order to practice it. He used to ride his bicycle 40 minutes every morning for eight hours to a hotel at West Lake where a lot of foreign tourists visited China. Those eight hours of his life made him more global-minded than any of the Chinese living in the country because things that were taught by teachers and books were totally different from what he learned from his own experience. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in English and worked as an English teacher at Hangzhou University and earned a pay of $12 per month.

When we have money, we start making mistakes. Jack Ma

Rejected but did not fail:

Jack Ma didn’t become a billionaire in an instant; he suffered failures and rejections numerous times. He failed twice in his primary school’s exams, failed thrice in his middle school exam and before finally joining Hangzhou University he failed thrice in the entrance exams. For Harvard, Jack Ma applied and wrote for admission ten times but got rejected every time. With his initial business ventures, he failed two of the entrepreneurial undertakings but did not lose hope and stayed motivated for achieving his goals, a story of resilience.

My job is to help more people have jobs. Jack Ma

The resurrection:

Jack Ma made good use of his rejection experiences and learned to grow and create new opportunities from failures. In 1995, he visited U.S. and it was them where was introduced to computers and the internet. He persuaded 17 of his friends to invest and join him in a new e-commerce setup Alibaba for bringing China to the face of the world.

Without internet, there would have been no Jack Ma, and no Alibaba or Taobao. Jack Ma

Alibaba story tells us that Jack Ma was wise enough to take immediate actions at every stage of his life. He believed in himself and proved to the world that failures and rejections can be used as opportunities to propel ahead in life.

The story originally appeared on Shoutmeloud.
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