Is Your Team Working Below Par?. Here are 9 Effective ways to motivate your team

Every business owner dreams of a perfect and self-motivated team that constantly puts its best foot forward by embracing the challenges that come across. For more active motivation from your team member, you always like to encourage and motivate them but it is often easier said than done. It is because using external motivators including promotions or raises is not a permanent solution for keeping the team motivated. It is hard to force anyone to stay motivated because motivation has to come from within. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand what the ways to self-motivate and encourage active participation in a team:

Foster team collaboration:

Mostly the team members do not feel appreciated for the work that they perform. You can encourage members of the team by asking questions and suggestions on how to improve things. Don’t just ask for their suggestions but also implement whenever it is possible.

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Create an agenda for meetings:

It has been researched that on average, employees waste 3.8 hours in unproductive meetings each week. This wastes a lot of employees’ time that can be spent on something productive. Therefore, create an agenda for meetings. Distribute that agenda in advance and make it compulsory to attend for only those members who really have to attend it.

Be clear on goals:

No team can work effectively and quickly on goal that is not clear to them. Your team members should be aware of the work that they are doing and where it leads towards. As the leader of a team, it is your job to set clear goals and make everyone aware of it.

Do not constantly look over your employees:

No one feels comfortable when they are being constantly watched for their working. Micromanaging your employees can actually affect their ability to work effectively. The best way is to provide them with clear goals and allow them to find the best possible way to get the work completed.

Set salaries according to their worth:

It will be damaging for your company to lose employees just because you do not pay them what they are worthy of. Whenever you decide salaries for your employees, make sure that you are setting a pay that is consistent with what is being paid in other industries and companies.

Create a pleasant workplace:

Your employees can feel motivated if they work at a place that is pleasant. Positive members of a team are enthusiastic and stay happy for whatever work they do. You only need to create a workplace where they feel happy to work and do not look at the clock for the office time to end.

Forgive the mistakes:

Mistakes can happen by anyone because it is a part of human nature. The only this to learn from those mistakes are the lessons that cannot be learnt otherwise. Whenever your team members make mistakes, forgive them, and do not punish them. Instead, encourage them to try again by keeping in mind the lessons that they have learned.

Give opportunities to learn new skills:

When the member of your team will learn new skills, they will become more valuable not only for themselves but also for your company. Therefore, provide them opportunities to learn new skills and arrange for the training that they need to advance in their career.

Allow the happiness to spread:

A strict workplace does not allow the employee to work happily and it is even harder for introverts to express their un easiness. Your employees will work effectively when you will allow them to be happy. Let them laugh at jokes and enjoy with them. This will make them more enthusiastic about their work.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

That is all you ever need to know about me but let me warn you, freelancing for me is a journey, certainly not a destination :)