iPhone leak has a bad news about Touch ID


As the launch of Apple’s flagship device is approaching, more and more leaks are making it to the surface giving a picture of what the device may look like. The recent leaks according to BGR indicates that the new iPhone will have a new all-screen design. The handset is expected to have no Touch ID but will be featuring an advanced 3D facial recognition system. This is something that is not available on any other handset.

The recent leaks indicate that the iPhone 10,3 and iPhone 10,6 may be distinct versions of the iPhone 8 lacking the Mesa designator which is the internal name code of the Touch ID. The absence of Mesa indicates that the phones are devoid of the fingerprint sensor. The rest of the iPhone 10,X iPhones are expected to have Mesa in their description.

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An exclusive designator is expected to become a part of iPhone 10,3 and 10,6 named as Savage, the name given to the face’s sensor internal name. According to sources, Savage might not be related to the facial recognition feature but it is found to Pearl. Pearl is a name given to Apple’s Homepod firmware for defining the facial recognition functionality.

For now, the iPhone SE appears to be the only iPhone to have a Touch ID sensor lacking a Mesa designator in code. Apple is expected to release the iOS beta earlier this week.

Featured Image Source: Benjamin Geskin
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