Internet not working, too slow in most part of the worlds right now

It’s not your imagination. Large chunks of the Internet are down or resolving very, very slowly due to a BGP routing leak at .

There is no specific DNS provider that is more efficient right now.

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Half of the internet is down. Google, Amazon and are also not working properly.

DownDetector suggests that Google, Amazon, Reddit, and Spectrum and many others are experiencing severe issues this morning in the US. Those issues appear to have begun around 6 or 7 AM ET.

It’s likey to take some time before the internet is fully restored all over the world. Cloudflare has responded saying:

“We have identified a possible route leak impacting some Cloudflare IP ranges.”

We are keeping a close eye on the issue and will inform in a status message on our Facebook page when the internet is fully restored all over the globe.

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