Internet could shutdown in 2017

With technology space changing at a wrap speed, entrepreneurs are considering new developments more and more challenging. In order to think unconventionally and innovatively, technology companies are continuously working on the front-line.

With the approaching 2017, technology industry has a lot in stores ranging from latest trends to perspectives of growth opportunities. But in the middle of all the happenings, technology experts have predicted that the internet will shut down for 24 hours in 2017.

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James Carder, LogRhythm’s chief information security officer and the vice president, expects a 24-hour shut down of internet due to a full scale DDoS attack and it is going to be on a massive level in 2017. The financial markets will go down when this will happen.

This prediction is based on the indications that were revealed time after time this year. These signs included shutting down of websites such as Spotify and Twitter for few hours. These few hour shutdowns are considered as little tests conducted by online criminals. According to Carder, the events of shutting down important websites along with large part of internet in US exhibits that it’s not impossible to shut down the internet for 24 ours.

“If you can prove that you can take down massive sites and a large chunk of the US internet for a few hours, a 24-hour outage seems pretty easy to do.” – James Carder, LogRhythm.

Also the “fake news” controversy is expected to get worse with the approaching New Year. It is because the mainstream news outlets are losing their power to influence therefore they will respond to misinformation by trying to device some level of media control which will take it a little too far. In the name of protecting the freedom of speech, hackers will react by taking down one or two of the major media outlets.

Via: ITP

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