Inspire your kids to greatness with these 5 TED Talks

As parents, most of the time you are able to recognize your child’s strength and potential but do not encourage them properly to do great things. What you fail to understand is that at a young age, your child may be seeing the obstacles that stand in the way as opposed to the possibility of reaching their goals with the potential that they can have. It is your responsibility to help your child overcome the obstacles and to work hard for what they want.

You need to make your kid realize that they are awesome as they are and have the ability to make anything happen only if they dream big. You can inspire them to think big with the help of the following TED Talks:

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Teach bravery to your girls, not perfection:

This is a TED talk that is recommended by several people. This is a story in which Reshma shares her personal experience of her bravery in the face of failure. She focuses on teaching girls how to be brave instead of running after perfection. It helps girls to build confidence in themselves and be ready for any upcoming challenges in life.

A promising test for pancreatic cancer: Ted talk From a Teenager

This is a TED Talk in which Jack Andraka shared how he searched for and found a promising cure for pancreatic cancer. This teenager is a fantastic speaker and pushes your kids to think, process, and imagine what they can do.

Dare to dream big:

Although, this video has not hit the mainstream TED world yet a freshman in college as well as a working fashion designer Isabella Rose Taylor, shares how you can dream big, believe in yourself, have courage, be authentic, and understand the importance of relationships.

Yup, I built a nuclear fusion reactor:

In this TED talk, Taylor Wilson shares how he became a nuclear physicist at the age of 17. His passion and confidence show that kids can change the world if they want to.

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness:

This talk is more targeted toward older kids and Robert Waldinger shares his view on what makes a good life. The talk focuses on the importance of relationships as well as friendships. It gives a clear message that the way to be happier and healthier is to have good relationships.

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