Indian police arrest 78 in Bitcoin call center scam

Police in India arrested 78 people in connection with Bitcoin Scam. People were working in a call center that targeted US citizens, blackmailed them and demanded Bitcoin payments.

According to a report, the Indore unit of Madhya Pradesh police’s Cyber Cell busted this mega-scandal that was scamming innocent US citizens by using expert call-center agents with American accents.

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The Story:

Call center agents used to call US citizens claiming they are officers from US social security unit and tell the victims that their social security credentials have been used for money laundering and smuggling drugs, funding terrorism.

The agents used to harass victims and warn them of dire consequences such as their social security number will be blocked and they will face legal action.

Innocent victims were asked to pay Bitcoin money ranging from $50 to $5,000.

So far three fake call centers have been linked to this illegal activity but police are not discarding the possibility of the network being spread outside India and also operating from different countries.

“Acting on a tip-off about suspicious activities being carried out from these places in the city, the police arrested the gang leader, Javed Menon, and 77 others earlier this week,” Jitendra Singh, superintendent of Police, Cyber Cell-Indore, said.

“Among those caught, a majority were tele callers. They were operating from three call centers with a capacity of 25 seats each. Cops recovered 60 computers, 70 cellphones, servers, and other gadgets from their possession. They had obtained social security number of 10 US citizens, their mobile numbers, and other confidential details,” they explained further.

It is a mega-scandal and millions of dollars worth bitcoin transaction has been made by ripping off innocent people and threatening, harassing them of serious consequences if they did not cooperate.

Via: TNW

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