5 in-demand admin skills for freelancers, according to Upwork

in-demand admin skills for freelancers

Upwork, a leading freelance marketplace, regularly tracks the most sought-after skills and specialties on its platform. According to its 2024 report on the Most In-Demand Work Skills, prominent categories include data analytics, social media marketing, and accounting.

Margaret Lilani, Upwork’s vice president of talent delivery, explains that these skills reflect increased year-over-year demand, as well as emerging trends. The platform categorizes these skills into various fields such as coding, sales, customer service, and admin support. This year, Upwork highlighted its top five in-demand customer service and admin support tasks, emphasizing roles like:

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1. General Virtual Assistant

“Imagine how much better everyone you know life would be if they had a virtual assistant to help with email, manage their calendar, and make some presentations look nicer,” Lilani says. General virtual assistants handle this kind of administrative labour, which explains why they are in such high demand.

According to Monster’s career adviser Vicki Salemi, “They can do it for multiple clients.”

Their work genuinely varies, and some may focus on social media or solutions like Microsoft Copilot. If you’re interested in going that route, Lilani says, “But the generalist nature also allows them to be nimble.”

A bachelor’s degree is not required to operate as a virtual assistant.

  • Upwork allows general virtual assistants to charge up to $65 per hour.

2. Data Entry

This ability is all about modifying records that already exist or entering data into applications like Microsoft Excel. While it can be laborious, it’s essential for many corporate operations, including applicant and customer monitoring systems.

According to Lilani, “It’s a skill that’s not going away.” “The information must be entered accurately and in the appropriate locations.”

All you need for many jobs is a high school degree.

  • Upwork data entry experts charge up to $100 per hour.

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3. Digital Project Management

A corporation will frequently employ a digital project manager to redesign its website or launch a new branding campaign.

According to Lilani, “that project manager is going to keep that digital project on track.” “They’re going to deliver on time and at the quality that they promised to their clients,” she adds, adding that they will also manage timelines and design the scope. Since the position involves a lot of administrative work, it falls within the admin and customer service categories.

For many of these jobs, a bachelor’s degree and some work experience are requirements.

  • The hourly salary for digital project managers might reach $200.

4. General Research Services

Researchers play a critical role in gathering and analyzing information to solve business challenges. They help companies derive insights from data, requiring expertise ranging from general knowledge to specialized fields. Researchers on Upwork charge up to $175 per hour, often requiring educational backgrounds such as bachelor’s, master’s, or even doctoral degrees.

5. Dropshipping and Order Processing

As e-commerce continues to expand, dropshipping experts assist sellers in managing online stores without holding inventory. They handle tasks like website design, SEO writing, and accounting, crucial for maintaining an effective online presence.

  • Upwork users who dropship might charge up to $250 per hour.

Vicki Salemi, a career consultant at Monster, asserts that success as a freelancer depends on ongoing talent self-evaluation. This includes assessing current abilities, enhancing strengths, and pinpointing areas that require improvement or “upskilling.”

  • Overall, Upwork’s insights into the most in-demand skills reflect evolving market needs, highlighting opportunities for freelancers to capitalize on specialized expertise in diverse fields.
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