Imran Khan is the Seventh Most Followed Leader on Social Media

Imran Khan, Chairman PTI and probable coming Prime Minister of Pakistan, is the 7th most followed political leader on twitter. The chairman has gained a massive follow ship with his charismatic personality and diligence as a strong leader. Imran Khan has 18.7 million followers on twitter.

Imran Khan took twitter by storm even before the candidature of PM. He is trailed by Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Tredeau who has 4.26 million followers, French premier Emmanual Macron with 3.2 million followers and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu with 1.4 Million users.

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The former cricketer is a popular figure on Social Media along with his other party members who are very active on these platforms.

Donald Trump is on the top of the list of the most followed world leader on twitter with 53.4 million followers.

Here is the list of the most followed world leaders on Twitter:

  • USA’s Donald Trump (53.4 million followers)
  • India’s Narendra Modi (43.3 million followers)
  • Pope Francis (17.7 million followers)
  • Turkey’s Tayyip Erdogan (13.1 million followers)
  • Jordan’s Queen Rania Al Abdullah (10.6 million followers)
  • Indonesian President Joko Widodo (10.2 million followers)
  • Pakistan’s Imran Khan (8.17 million followers)
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