Improve your life by adopting these 5 habits (According to Science)

Healthy habits help us a lot in improving our minds and body. People try to follow the habits of healthy and active people around them but what actually benefits them are the things that actually work for their own self.

According to research following are a few of the habits that are known to benefit most commonly to all people. All tense habits are natural and can be adopted easily without being specific to specific personalities.


According to researchers, running is the most effective habit for a person’s mind and body. Running has evolved from hunting for prey, gathering food, to running for health purposes. According to experts running for five to ten minutes even at a slower speed can help to reduce the risks of cardiovascular and other diseases.

Intermittent fasting:

Intermittent fasting is the eating pattern that cycle between periods of fasting and eating. It is considered to reduce the oxidative damage as well as inflammation in the body. It helps in weight loss, improves several risk factors for blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and many of the heart diseases.

Lifting weights:

This is hardly the kind of exercise that comes into our mind when we think of improving our health. Weight lifting is good for maximizing and maintaining muscle mass which helps to add years to a person’s life.

Don’t Overuse Facebook:

Researchers have proved that staying away from Facebook is helpful for keeping people happier and satisfied with their lives. Social media is considered to distort the perception of reality and what other people’s life actually looks like. People start comparing themselves with others and when they see everything good happening to others, they feel their own lives as less exciting.

Spend time with nature:

With the advances in technology, humans are bound to stay indoors. The digital power seems to have controlled our lives. However, research suggests that if we spend our time in nature whether its forests, mountains, or the ocean, we can stay happier. A human body is considered to evolve more in natural places than today’s cubicles.