If you are a manager then you should have these habits

A great manager can elevate your work to the next level. But not everyone is lucky to have a manager who can make an influence on your career. Such leaders encourage progress not process and they do not put much burden on the employees that kill their creativity. Strong managers understand that just standing up the hill is not the way to lead an organization. For making their organization become the best, strong managers help and find ways to improve each person in their career journey.

Strong leaders are authentic and they do not take the wrong advantage of their employees. Following are the few things that great and strong managers never ask their employees to do.

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1. They don’t blame employees:

The quality of good managers is that they take responsibility for everything that happens in their department. When something goes wrong, they do not blame others for that not ask their employees to take the blame on themselves. Instead, a good manager goes to the root cause of the problem and tries to fix it instead of playing the blame game.

2. They do not encourage telling lies:

No matter what happens good managers do not force their employees to lie to the customers and vendors. They know that lying to the customers and vendors cannot help them in the long-term. Therefore, they do not do anything that is unfair and unreasonable.

3. To lie to the colleagues:

It often happens in organizations that when authorities do not want to explain why they made unpopular decisions, they ask employees to lie to other employees. They may give certain positions to specific employees irrespective of what experience and education they have. This is the worst thing a manager could ask the employees to do. Therefore, good managers always stay away from engaging their employees in such situations.

4. To keep a check on other employees:

There are some managers who want to know what is happening in their organization. For this purpose, they will ask their employees to spy on other employees. This is not at all a good thing to force employees to do and a good manager won’t ever compel them to do so.

5. To follow outdated and heavy-handed policies:

Only a weak manager would ask the employees to outdated and heavy-handed policies that exist only in the books. A clever and efficient manager would create smarter policies in order to get more things done in less time. a strong manager would never ask the employees to indulge in something that has no real value.

Via: Forbes

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