IBM has fired as many as 100,000 employees in the last few years to make room for millennials, lawsuit alleges

IBM allegedly has fired as many as 100,000 employees in the last few years to make ways for millennials to look as “cool” and “trendy” like Amazon and Google. The reports surface from a deposition by a former vice president in an ongoing age discrimination lawsuit.

Company is currently facing a lawsuit accusing it of firing older workers. The lawsuit includes a class-action case in Manhattan and also an individual civil suit filed in California.

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“We have reinvented IBM in the past five years to target higher-value opportunities for our clients,” says IBM in a statement.

IBM employees around 50,000 new talent each year. However, the company CEO has voiced her opinion of many new talents, especially Indians lacking the skills needed to excel in the company.

In a deposition in one of the civil cases, company’s former vice president of human resources, says IBM has “laid off 50,000 to 100,000 employees in just the last several years,” according to a court document filed Tuesday in Texas, Fortune reports.

According to one of the documents, IBM wants to make itself appear “as [a] cool, trendy organization” like Alphabet’s Google and Amazon. The company wants to have young, fresh talent.

In March 2018, ProPublica also published an investigation stating IBM had fired an estimated 20,000 U.S. employees aged 40 or older in the last five years.

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