I do not regret dropping out of Harvard, Bill Gates


Sometimes a failure in life changes our very own self but this does not mean it has to be a bad change. There are very few people who accept failures and turn it into their wisdom for their whole life. Bill Gates life struggle is one such story that strengthens our beliefs in this regard.

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In 1975, he dropped out of the Harvard University and Cofounded Microsoft. The first setback in his life directed him towards a path that led him to extreme success. Although his journey was not an instant success after this but he claims that there is not much he has done wrong to regret in his life. The joy and excitement of university was something he missed but he didn’t miss anything that was taught to his fellow class mates.

In an interview to Bloomberg he says, he didn’t miss the knowledge that was supposed to be acquired during college or university stay because he never missed a chance to grab anything that could be a way to enhance his knowledge.

His level of intelligence never made him stick to rules and regulation even when he was enrolled at the university. He very seldom attended the classes of the subject he was actually registered for at Harvard and liked to attend classes of other subjects. He adopted the attitude of a student and never closed his ears on something informative no matter where it came from.

He developed great love with reading and made it a habit of reading 50 books a year. He took online classes and expanded his vision and understood all kinds of knowledge.

This made him gained knowledge a lot more than any enrolled student could have acquired.

This is the reason that that his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are providing affordable college education in order to emphasize on the importance of learning. Because of the level of understanding and his services in the web world, he received an honorary degree from Harvard University on 2007.

Via: BloomBerg Business Insider




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