Humans are not the only source of traffic on Web

Human vibes are enough to give us the impression that the internet world belongs to people. It’s a place where people talk, argue, share, and even sell stuff. We assume that all the internet traffic is generated by living individuals on the other side of the power button. In reality this assumption is totally misleading. In fact, statistically the human race is now a minority on the web.

The new report statistics clearly indicate that bots are generating more internet traffic than humans. It’s the bots that are designed to major work on the internet from posting Pro-Trump messages on social media platforms to providing better results to users. Internet is not at all being used by fleshy humans that might purchase products. Most of the traffic is generated by invisible bots which proves that they are not always created for doing negative work.

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Just like humans, bots can perform all the repetitive online processes. Also, like humans there are two kinds of bots i.e. good and bad bots. In 2016, the good bot use increased considerably but the traffic from bad bots remained the same. God bots are designed in order to enhance and monitor user’s web browsing experience. But bad ones are responsible for snipping content, crushing web servers, and for stealing analytic information from insecure companions.

In today’s internet world, traffic numbers apparently are only slightly inflated by human hits.

Via: The Next Web

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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