how to Lower your work stress level, 5 proven tips

Sometimes it is difficult to see beyond the thick fog of stress. But being under pressure has become a normal part of our life. When we become overwhelmed by stress, this starts to give us problems. Stress is not a psychiatric diagnosis but it is closely related to our mental health. It can make our existing problems worse and can lead to anxiety and depression.

When it starts it goes on like a vicious cycle and it becomes hard to see where it actually ends and our mental health problem begin. Following are the suggestions from experts on how to lower stress levels.

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  • Enforce boundaries:

Email and constant digital check-ins can sometime easily waste most of our time which can be spent on actual work. Make rules not to check emails before specific timings or answer your phone before set timings.

  • Keep good things in mind:

At the time when there is a lot of stress, it is always best to think about good things. Be grateful for the good things you have and it will help to lower down stress levels.

  •  Breathe:

Another important thing is to breathe as deep breathing helps to inhale peace and exhale out all the stress. This is a strategy that should be integrated in our daily life.

  • Go on a Vacation:

It is important to take a break from work and go on a vacation to relieve stress. This is something that can recharge your body for future work.

  • Adopt a hobby:

A hobby can relieve a lot of stress for a person. Therefore a good hobby should always be adopted that can engage every part of the brain to remove stress.

Via: Forbes

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