How to increase imagination and creativity?

It is very difficult to create something and you feel a constant frustration when you are not able to create what you want. But when you produce something despite being tired and devastated, it gives you a feeling beyond words. But for the purpose, you need a constant source of inspiration to boost your creativity and imagination.

Following are the ways that can help to increase your imagination and creativity:

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Get into the habit of reading:

Reading can spark your imagination and can improve the adaptability to imaginative reasoning as well as creative thinking. Therefore, read books and make it a habit which you strictly follow.

Expose yourself to unexplored paths:

To come up with creative thoughts, you need to expose yourself to the paths that you have never even thought of opening yourself up to. Open your mind to areas where you have unexpected threats. You will earn more and will become more capable of creating new ideas.

Develop your talents:

Everyone has a talent but only few people get it explored. If you have a talent of any kind, focus on developing it and improving it more. Your creativity will excel in areas where you can do better.

Have a stimulating conversation with a variety of people:

When you get together with people, you push your brain to think. Your friends can be the people who widen your horizon of thinking and you can come up with things that actually surprise you.


You don’t have to be an artist to allow your creativity to flow through your hands. Just take a pencil and paper and start doodling and this will help your brain find a solution to the problem you are stuck in.

Change your environment:

Working in the same kind of environment can make your mind dull. Don’t work on the same place every day and change your surroundings. Absorb the change and you will see your creativity will get an instant boost.

Escape into the imaginary world:

Create your own world and take yourself into the world of imagination. Think of yourself in a completely different scenario and it can even be like the stories you read as a child. Consider yourself one of the characters and delve into that imaginary world.

Go out and observe more:

In order to motivate your brain to be more creative, go out and observe people and things around you. Look at their body language, the way they walk, and the way the talk. It will take your mind far off from your own self and will develop new ideas.

Click pictures:

Even if you are not a professional photographer, take your camera when you go out and click pictures. You will see a completely different world once you go behind the lens and it will trigger your brain to think and see differently.

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